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Estate Litigation


Skilled Brooklyn Estate Litigation Attorney

Although you can help minimize your family’s chances of being involved in litigation by carefully planning your estate, disputes can and often do arise between beneficiaries, beneficiaries and executors, and others not included in a will or trust. When this occurs, the Law Offices of Peter G. Gray, P.C. offers comprehensive litigation support to help resolve your dispute in an efficient manner. With 25 years of experience and a special focus in complex estate litigation, I have significant experience as an estate litigation lawyer in Brooklyn which I use for the benefit of my clients.

Contesting a will

Ligation may become necessary when beneficiaries, or those who seek to be beneficiaries, challenge the validity of a will, known as a will contest. Brooklyn estate litigation lawyers assist potential beneficiaries and others by contesting wills based on the applicable grounds:

  • Lack of testamentary capacity by the testator, or writer of the will, including being under age, not of sound mind or not understanding what he or she was signing
  • Lack of due execution of the will, such as lack of signature of the testator or lack of witnesses
  • Undue influence or fraud by a beneficiary, executor or other person

When needed, I use a network of reputable witnesses and other resources to investigate disputed matters, gather evidence, analyze an estate and present supporting arguments in Surrogate’s Court.

Fraudulent deed transfer litigation

When the transfer of a deed is fraudulent because of failure to record the transfer, undue influence or other fraud, the transfer can be set aside as a fraudulent conveyance. However, fraudulent deed transfers often result in significant losses to those involved. As a highly experienced Brooklyn estate litigation attorney, I offer assistance to beneficiaries who have suffered losses because of fraudulent deed transfers, as well as to beneficiaries wrongly accused of fraudulent deed transfers.

Challenging or defending an estate administrator

Litigation may also be necessary when the person in charge of an estate or trust, known as the executor or trustee, is not properly fulfilling his or her duties. Conversely, a trustee or executor may need defense against the allegations of wrongdoing by a beneficiary. In these cases, my combination of courtroom experience plus my in-depth knowledge gained as a Brooklyn probate attorney and trust lawyer helps many clients achieve successful resolutions in an efficient manner.

Helping you obtain peace by resolving complex estate disputes

Contesting a will or disputing an estate plan is a process fraught with emotion. But when you engage the Law Offices of Peter G. Gray, P.C., I use my substantial experience as an estate litigation lawyer in Brooklyn, coupled with sensitivity toward the complex emotional issues you face, to help bring a satisfying resolution to your estate matter. To learn more about the services I offer, call today at 929-367-4333 or contact me online for a free initial consultation.

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