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Living Wills


Efficient Brooklyn Living Wills Lawyer

Planning for your health care

While you are still healthy, it may be difficult to consider what would happen should you become disabled or unable to make your own decisions. However, planning now can help you protect your health and ensure that your wishes regarding blood transfusions, life support and other essential health care decisions are followed.

Living wills and health care proxies are written estate planning documents, also known as advance directives, which allow you to make health care decisions now for the future. An accomplished living wills attorney in Brooklyn at the Law Offices of Peter G. Gray, P.C. can help you consider your health care options, make important decisions and ensure your wishes are properly enumerated in a thorough and precise living will and/or health care proxy.

Living wills

As a Brooklyn wills attorney, I help you create a well-drafted living will so you can provide directions about your desires regarding medical treatment in the event you are no longer able to state your own wishes because you are physically and/or mentally incapable of doing so. A living will may include all types of instructions, including decisions on life support, artificial nutrition and hydration, where you prefer to live out your last days and other issues.

Health care proxies

If there is someone you trust to make your health care decisions, a Brooklyn trusts and estate attorney like me can help you draft a health care proxy instead of or in addition to a living will. A health care proxy allows you to designate a specific person, or agent, to make health care decisions on your behalf if you cannot make them for yourself. Your agent makes sure health care providers follow your wishes, including such issues as the management of your health care and instructions on the termination of life support. Your agent also interprets how your wishes apply as your medical conditions change.

Contact an attorney who cares for peace of mind

At the Law Offices of Peter G. Gray, P.C., I am dedicated to helping you understand your rights and your estate planning options, including your right to determine your own health care even if you become unable to state your own wishes. To learn more about your health care and estate options and how living wills lawyers in Brooklyn may be able to help you, call today at 929-367-4333 or contact me online for a free initial consultation.

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