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Category Archives: Estate Planning

Category Archives: Estate Planning

What Advance Medical Directives Should I Have in Place If I’m Concerned About COVID-19?

Though it’s always been true, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the point that a debilitating medical condition can strike without warning. Whether you’re fighting the coronavirus or are incapacitated for some other reason, your wishes regarding medical treatment should be honored by family members and healthcare providers. An experienced attorney can help you put […]

Understanding How COVID-19 May Have Affected the Value of Your Estate

The economic and personal upheaval triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to warrant a review of your estate plan, no matter how thorough you think it is. As Americans cope with health fears and financial volatility, it’s worthwhile to determine whether a will, trust, advance medical directive or other legal instrument needs to be […]

Dying Without a Will in New York

When a 97-year-old New York real estate scion with a net worth of about $40 million recently died, it appeared at first that he left no will and no living heirs. This scenario is unfortunately more common than most people think, with close to 2.5 million Americans dying last year without a valid will. While […]

Multiple Variables Make Estate Planning Essential

Many of us work diligently to earn an honest living to provide for our families not only throughout our lives, but also long after we have passed on. In reality, this means much more than amassing enough wealth to leave an inheritance to loved ones. Since laws in states such as New York heavily tax […]

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