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Author Archives: Peter G. Gray

Michael Jackson Estate to Compensation-Seeking Producer: Beat It

Known colloquially as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson left the world a body of work that spans four decades and straddles a number of genres. While hundreds of millions of people across the globe may be familiar with Jackson’s catalogue, many are unaware that super-producer Quincy Jones was the sonic architect behind many of […]

Dying Without a Will in New York

When a 97-year-old New York real estate scion with a net worth of about $40 million recently died, it appeared at first that he left no will and no living heirs. This scenario is unfortunately more common than most people think, with close to 2.5 million Americans dying last year without a valid will. While […]

Walloped by a Will? Surprises in Probate Rarely Welcome

American cinema is full of dramatic moments in which last wills and testaments are read aloud to stunned family members, shocked by divulged secrets and unexpected disinheritances. While such scenes make for exciting plot points, the reality in New York, as in most states, is that such dramatic readings never occur. Instead wills are processed […]

Multiple Variables Make Estate Planning Essential

Many of us work diligently to earn an honest living to provide for our families not only throughout our lives, but also long after we have passed on. In reality, this means much more than amassing enough wealth to leave an inheritance to loved ones. Since laws in states such as New York heavily tax […]

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