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Michael Jackson Estate to Compensation-Seeking Producer: Beat It

Michael Jackson Estate to Compensation-Seeking Producer: Beat It

Known colloquially as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson left the world a body of work that spans four decades and straddles a number of genres. While hundreds of millions of people across the globe may be familiar with Jackson’s catalogue, many are unaware that super-producer Quincy Jones was the sonic architect behind many of the star’s biggest hits. From “Man In The Mirror” to “Billie Jean,” Jones received credit for many of the Gloved One’s signature songs.

Death is not the end of many disputes

While Jackson’s songbook was robust at the time of his death, his finances and business dealings were the subjects of several disagreements. In the wake of his death, these evolved into estate disputes that have continued with Jackson’s estate as the named party at this point. The disagreement with Jones relates to the Jackson estate’s use of several songs for which Jones maintains he is entitled to compensation, as well as credit Jones argues he deserves for Jackson’s swan song film “This Is It.”

Estates not off the hook

While the facts may be different, many individuals find themselves in similar disputes when loved ones or business associates die. In New York, the estate of the dearly departed is responsible for the obligations and debts the deceased accrued during their lifetime. To this end, disputes arise when either individuals feel obligations are not being honored, or when representatives of the estate feel that unreasonable demands are being made for which the estate is not responsible.

Litigation may be unavoidable

In certain cases the estate and parties seeking compensation cannot come to an agreement and estate litigation is the only way to arrive at a resolution. In some situations, this type of litigation is required because the estate is being mismanaged by those who are responsible for handling it. Regardless of its underlying cause, any court matter involving estate issues necessitates effective legal counsel to achieve a party’s aims.

Before litigation becomes inevitable, call an experienced New York estate lawyer at Law Offices of Peter G. Gray who can apprise you of your rights and advise you on every aspect of potential litigation.

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